Honoring Friendships During This Holiday Season!


As we approach the Christmas season, I am reminded that I have so much to be grateful for: good health, a loving family, loyal friends, and an outlet for my creativity. Creating characters and telling stories is my passion, but I wouldn’t be able to share my passion if it weren’t for you, dear readers. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support from 2003, when Pandora’s Box was released, up to the present.

To date, I’ve written over twenty-seven novels, not including the E-books released independently for the past few years, along with my traditionally published work. My most recent literary offering is a collaborative project called Sidechickology. Strange word, right? I’ll define it for you a little later. But first I want to talk about the joy of working with four extremely talented writers, whom I’m blessed to call “my friends.”

daaimahDuring my writing career, I’d never written with another author until 2013, when along with my Philly home girl, Daaimah S. Poole, I wrote my first E-Book, One Night Stand. Sharing the writing process with a friend was a unique and fun experience. karenSo much fun that I did it again! My next joint project was created with another friend from Philadelphia, Karen E. Quinones Miller. Writing Hittin’ It Out the Park, which was released in March 2015, was awesome from the juicy beginning to the salacious end. Next, I engaged in a project with my literary husband, Cairo (Lol) that is entitled, Sexual Healing, a book that’s pure fire and will be released in August, 2016.

Back to my current novel and the definition of its title: Sidechickology examines the world of men who practice and preach theology, along with monogamy, but have issues adhering to the rules of both. The novel was written with Body of Work, the pen name for a New York Times Bestselling author who has sold millions of books translated into several languages globally.

Writing Sidechickology was a labor of love. I was so caught up in the drama of the womanizing preachers that are featured in the book, I literally lost track of time. Lost in a time warp of sorts, I would write nonstop from seven in the morning until I collapsed around midnight. If you’re in the mood for a spicy read during this holiday season, then treat yourself to a copy of my latest. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

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Peace & Blessings,

Allison Hobbs


Sidechickology by Allison HobbsReverend Donahue “Donny” Cambridge, III, is the assistant pastor of The Mighty Fortress Baptist Church. Though Donny is a man of the cloth, he’s also a male slut and puts on pretenses with women so they will put out when he has an urge that his main chick, Mahalia, won’t fulfill. Donny has conquered dozens of women during his three-year “situationship” with Mahalia—some from the congregation but mostly random chicks.

Koolaidria, named after her mother’s favorite sugary drink at the time of her birth. Known as “Kool” for short, she has struggled her entire life to get a man to make a commitment to her and her self-esteem is in the toilet. She grew up poor and is now living paycheck to paycheck and trying to raise her five kids. But Kool has a master plan. She views Donny as her ticket out of the ’hood and she intends to sex him into delirium to get what she wants.

Reverend Emerson Maynard is the senior pastor at the church and never lets Donny or anyone else forget that he’s the HTIC (Head Theologian In-Charge). Married to Danielle for twenty-two years, Reverend Maynard appears to be an upstanding man and a devoted husband and father. But he’s leading a double life.

Sierra is young, attractive, educated, and is definitely wife material. She can’t believe that after planning her life so carefully, she ended up being Reverend Maynard’s side chick. After five years of being kept in the shadows, she is desperate and will do whatever it takes to become the pastor’s wife.

Sidechickology examines the world of men who practice and preach theology, along with monogamy, but have issues adhering to the rules of both.

About Allison Hobbs

allison200Raw! Riveting! Graphic! Edgy! Just a few words that describe the responses to Allison Hobbs’ writing style. Known for writing provocative, sensual, and controversial novels, Allison has taken erotica to a steamier level with her latest releases.

Allison burst on the literary scene with her highly successful debut novel, Pandora’s Box in 2003. A prolific writer, today she is the national bestselling author of twelve novels and novellas and is one of the contributing writers of Cinemax’s Zane’s Sex Chronicles.

Allison’s short story, The Private Room is included in the anthology, Purple Panties. Her novel, Double Dippin’ was nominated for the 2006 Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award. The Climax was nominated for the 2008 African American Literary Awards Show.

Allison received a Bachelor of Science degree from Temple University. She resides in Philadelphia, PA