Misty (Double Dippin’ 5) (Zane Presents)

Misty (Double Dippin' 5) (Zane Presents) by Allison HobbsIn the fifth installment of the Double Dippin’ saga, Misty has awakened from a coma to discover she has the gift of prophesy—or so she says. Does she truly want to help others, or has the self-indulgent diva found herself a new hustle?

Misty awakens from a coma and announces that she can communicate with the spirit world. Soon after, she undergoes cutting edge surgery that restores her beauty. With an elite clientele of the super-rich who are willing to pay millions for a session with Misty, she is soon living the opulent lifestyle she’s always coveted.

And with her faithful lover, Brick by her side, Misty has it all. That is until Brick begins yearning for his former side chick, Anya. Misty has successfully broken up Brick’s marriage to her mother, but can she keep him away from Anya, the woman whom he shares a deep and secret bond?