The Sorceress (Zane Presents)

The Sorceress (Zane Presents) by Allison HobbsA graphically sensual tale blending the paranormal with breathtaking suspense.

Jennifer Darnell accepts a nanny position for one of the most powerful political couples in Philadelphia. The little boy she’s hired to care for is autistic, but his bizarre and sinister behavior has Jen suspecting that child is evil.

After sighting a naked woman running across a bridge in broad daylight, Jen is convinced she’s losing her mind. But when she bumps into a handsome police officer who admits to seeing the woman, too, Jen is somewhat comforted and totally unprepared when sparks fly between her and the hot cop.

Meanwhile, on the beautiful and idyllic Goddess Realm, where endless joy, love, and frequent and unrestrained sex abounds, there is unforeseen trouble in paradise. Tara, the goddess of compassion, unwittingly upsets the balance of nature when she convinces the goddess council that her wicked sister, Eris has been reformed and deserves a second chance.

But evil never dies when the desire for lust and revenge has been left unsatisfied. After languishing in the Dark Realm, Eris, the fallen goddess from The Enchantress is back with a vengeance and returns to Earth, still on the prowl for sex and blood. Using her powers of deception and intoxicating sexual deviancy, Eris, with the assistance of her cohort, Xavier, easily bends the will of both men and woman. Her reign of sexual terror and dominion is unstoppable unless someone or something equally powerful comes forward to challenge them.