Stealing Candy (Zane Presents)

Stealing Candy (Zane Presents) by Allison HobbsIn Allison Hobbs’ latest thriller, Stealing Candy, Saleema Sparks’ life has gone full circle. Having gone from prostitute to madam and now operating a social club for troubled teenage girls, Saleema’s life is turned upside down when she is compelled to help three young sex-trafficked girls break free from the malicious pimp who has abducted them. But the timing is all wrong. For the first time in her life, Saleema is falling in love. Determined to keep the girls out of the pimp’s murderous grasp, she goes on the run with them, wondering if it will ever be safe enough to find her way back to her first chance at love.

It All Started at Pandora’s Box

Saleema Sparks AKA Hershey is a quick-tempered seventeen-year-old prostitute. When she opened the door to Pandora’s Box.

Saleema AKA Hershey helps her best friend, Terelle, get her man back from an Insatiable beast named Kai Montgomery.

In Dangerously in Love, twenty-three-year-old Saleema, AKA Hershey, wants to step up her game. She opens an upscale dating service. But when one of her employee’s life is imperiled, Saleema begins to realize that flesh peddling can be a dangerous game.

In The Climax, Saleema is on her way for a walk down the aisle with a wealthy man, but this marriage of convenience is put on hold when Saleema discovers that Kai Montgomery is up to her old tricks and has a diabolical plan that will destroy her best friend Terelle.